Direct Chinese Manufacturer Link


           Established in 2007, LIJEN, LLC wants to help Small and Medium USA Corporations in acquiring products and services from China manufacturers directly to enhance their competitive capabilities against Multi-National Corporations (MNC), which enjoyed such an advantage for years.  The principals, consist of many experienced business/engineering executives who are familiar with USA business practice and well connected in China, will be glad to assist you in establish your direct China linkage.

           Three major categories of services are provided ĘC Consultation services, Software Services, and manufactured Products.  Please refer to the respective web pages for the services rendered.  Small and Medium USA Corporations are encouraged to inquire for details.  Although very busy as our principals are, we will answer you sincerely base on our years of experience on how to best establish your direct China linkage.

To contact us:     PO Box 11224, Reno, NV 89510

Phone: 661-208-6197           E-mail: